A Chartless and Green Practice

As our culture becomes more cautious about protecting our environment and making the earth a little ‘greener,’ South Coast Dentistry in Aliso Viejo is doing their part by dramatically cutting down on what many of us may take for granted: paper. Dr. Pouria Maleki says going chartless at his practice is not only a way to make office visits quicker and more convenient for his patients, it also serves to help the environment and maybe save a few trees in the process.

By going chartless, Dr. Maleki says he can rely on safely encrypted information on computers to store all of a patient’s data relevant to their care. This can include digital X-rays, referral information, medical alerts, lab information, before-and-after images of treatment, and much more. Plus, Dr. Maleki says having a chartless office can make submitting dental insurance claims a lot easier and significantly less time-consuming.

This new way of storing patient data also can also cut down on the risk of misplacing or misfiling important information, and makes transferring a patient’s necessary medical data to a referred dental specialist lightning-quick. Dr. Maleki says electronic transfer of patient data can save time and money for the patient because they won’t have to take the materials with them and the referred specialist will likely not need to repeat the same tests.