5 Journey, Suite 250, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 274-9086
5 Journey, Suite 250
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
(949) 274-9086

Aliso Viejo Patient Testimonials


“Like many others, I’m borderline dentist-phobic. I first saw Dr. Maleki a few years ago after developing a horrible toothache and walked into his office anxiety-ridden and near tears. Dr. Maleki put me at ease instantly. I was freaking out because I hadn’t been to the dentist in ‘a while’ but he totally eased my fears and explained what was going on and that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected.

Since our initial visit, Dr. Maleki has done cleanings, fillings and an extraction for me. I honestly can’t come up with a single bad thing to say about any of my experiences. The visits are always friendly, professional, and (yes, it’s true) virtually painless. Since I’ve been going to him for a while, I’ve observed him with other patients and he seems to take a sincere interest in making every patient feel comfortable and and giving them the best care possible. Despite moving to LA since meeting with Dr. Maleki, I still drive down to OC on precious days off because I refuse to go to another dentist. If you’re looking for a dentist, you’d be amiss to look any further.”

-Kiana K.

“This was by far the best dentist appointment that I have ever had. The whole staff is extremely friendly. Dr. Maleki is very good at reinforcing your good habits and helping you fix problem areas with your teeth without making you feel self-conscious. I just got a cleaning and a zoom. I’ve never had a pain free cleaning before. I’m definitely recommending him to everyone I know.

I guarantee great service and even better results.”

-Rohon G.

“A pleasurable experience from not only the staff but especially Dr. Maleki. He’s not a normal dentist, Dr. Maleki is truely a funny guy that sets you at ease during any nervous setting (first filling!)….he will be my dentist for life I will and have recommended him to everyone!!!!”

-Sepand A.

“Man, here goes. I came to this dentist exhausted and disgusted with the inefficiency, disrespect, and scams of my insurance network’s dentists. I’d knocked my front tooth out about a month ago, so I had a root canal procedure performed and a big ugly temporary crown placed by my old dentist. Rather than shell out $1000 for a permanent crown (with insurance, mind you), I chose to wait two weeks and change dentists using my insurance. Same story, higher price. Somehow, every dentist was trying to squeeze thousands out of me. I called up a friend who recommended this place, and even though my insurance didn’t cover me here, I figured I had nothing to lose. At the very least, I knew it would be much cleaner and newer than the network dentists I’d been to. I made time for the trek from Carson and went.

When I got there, I was absolutely blown away. I was seen immediately, had x-rays taken with state of the art equipment (the image popped up instantly on the screen in front of me), and was told that the procedures the other dentists wanted to do were COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. I like honesty. They popped the giant corn-kernel-crown blob I had on my tooth, and told me that I’d walk out with a temporary crown in two hours. So I ended up walking out with a slick temporary crown in minutes. Four days later, I went back and got my permanent crown. The staff was incredibly friendly and genuinely concerned with the aesthetics of my mouth. For Christ’s sake, they made 5 crowns!!! When Dr. Maleki and the rest of the staff were finally satisfied, they cemented my crown on permanently. Nobody can tell which tooth is fake now, so I’m happy. As for the price, let’s just say I couldn’t ask for anything better :).”

-Dario G.


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